ШЇ qi UNIT |"

BROOKE SHIELDS SHARON LAWRENCE THOMPSON TÉALEDNI Dis SUSAN FIRED UP THE NAKED TRUTH Mid Susan пату, Firstshe got fre, EC She'll stop at nothing i s Fen! mowshesfredu Does Richard love to geta story— 8:30/1:30pm Caroline—or the ora laugh! Italian temptress? 9:30/8:300т 9/8pm Followed by DATELINE NBC

It's a giri! Don't miss her

hilarious homecoming! ê

8mm Ё


Bill goe: zero to hero! 8:30/:300m |

You won't believe Frasier's wild adventure! 9/8pm

Atthis fashion mag, being glamorous



Tony Danza (Who's the Boss?) stars as a single dad

who's out of his league. |


BUNT TO LAST This family f

comedy is

built to laugh!



3rd ROCK

FROM THE SUN Tommy, Harry and Sally |l

return with Dick's new alien wife—Roseanne! ||


9/pm |.


The funniest things happen at work! |

Starring Fred Savage (The Wonder Years) |

OCTOBER 8th Followed by LAW & ORDER

FRIENDS Did Ross pick Rachel? | Orthe bald girl? | 8Лрт

UNION SQUARE From the creators of Caroline in the City comes a diner serving up laughs! NEW SHOW! 8:30/7:30pm

Jerry, George, Elaine | and Kramer— they're baaaaaack! 9/8pm


in this comedy

from the creators

of Friends!

NEW SHOW! 9:30/8:30pm

Followed by ER

| T EEUU. = ارت‎ 433 Ј 42

EDITOR'S NOTE Two of the hottest photographers inthe business help this season's stars shine.

THE SEASON AT A GLANCE Why some actors are working twice as hard. Plus: Ampersandwiches.

PRIME TIME How's a viewer to choose among 37 debuts? Flip these pages before you flip channels.

CABLE SERIES What's up? Documentaries, as cable catches Biogra-fever. Meanwhile, MTV slacks off.

SYNDICATED SERIES New versions of Knight Rider, Fame, and the return of Due South prove old series never die.

MADE-FOR-TV MOVIES They're weird. They're wild. And those are just the movies that are based on true stories.

FEATURE FILMS Show me the movies! Gene Siskel's Top Ten picks include “Jerry Maguire.” SPECIALS Ken Burns and Michael Palin are up to their old treks; what's noirs is yours on AMC.

sports Kickoffs, tip-offs, playoffs: Let the games begin! Plus: Where Have You Gone, Joe DiMaggio?

LATE NIGHT Turm off the lights and tum on Ghost Stories and Looking Beyond—if you dare. DAYTIME If you like Oprah, how about a show from her best bud, Gayle King?

saps Girls rule on the range and in the roost with The Legend of Calamity Jane and Wimzie's House. Also: Captain Kangaroo П.

PRIME-TIME CHART The new schedule at stirring often a glance—that's fall, folks.


er, basil

o. tre < a 3 Cy Mushroom | 1 ' ОСА тоемилте А T : A SOUP- а ; 3 | mmy preview, plus Soap Opera ч g —# A s Guide, Hits & Misses, Letters, - Е | Horoscope, Crossword, and listings Campbell's Makes Everything Мт! Mn! Better, for September 13-19, 1997. Clockwise from top: Wimzie's House (Kids,

NN cam bellsoup. com p. 130); The Gregory Hines Show (p. 58), © 1997 Campbell Soup Company Cover by Tom Nikosey for TV GUIDE and "Jerry Maguire" (Feature Films, p. 98).


в always, TV GuipE's Fall Preview is the most comprehensive look ‘General at the networks’ new series, and the only place you'll find original photos of all 37 new shows. This year, we're delighted that Kate Garner and James Minchin, two of the most innovative photographers working today, captured the casts for us so clearly and cleverly. Each night's coverage opens with a compelling shot of a TV Gume Fall Favorite, followed by intimate portraits of the evenings other offerings.

The TV Gume team—including photography director Hazel Ham- mond and the best fashion stylists and hair and makeup people in the business—spent more than six weeks creating our photo

gallery in L.A.'s SmashBox Studios.

Garner, a much-sought-after L.A.-based photographer who grew up in northern England, is known for her simple graphic approach and her easy rapport with subjects. She got her start shooting Sinéad O'Connors first and third album covers, and her work has appeared frequently in the British magazine The Face. For Fall Preview, Garner says she particularly enjoyed working with Ed McMahon, Danny Aiello, and Dean Jones: "They're old school, polite, not hung up on the way they look.” She also caught up with Jenny McCarthy, whom she's shot twice for our cover.

Minchin, too, has a music connection: He was Motown's director of photography, and has shot such artists as Stevie Wonder and INXS. His approach bs involves the novel use of his environment—for instance, he photo; memorable TV GUIDE cover of Seinfeld's Michael Richards ied

ness suit in a pool. Minchin says

his first-time collaboration with (

Gamer also went swimmingly; р \

turn the page to witness their he strokes of genius.

кучат New Multi-Grain Cheerios Plus acne per ena We took Multi-Grain Cheerios and added 10096 of eleven vitamins Stylists: Lynne Bugai; Charlie MEL кыы CARNER ADD JAMES R. MINCHIN Ш. and minerals. Then we made them taste even better. ViauCloutier. For clothing credits, see the Listings section. Celestine. Makeup: Syivia With four kinds of toasted О% and a touch of brown sugar.

Delicious plus Nutritious all in one.

©1997 General Mills Inc.


TV is like poker. NBC, on a winning streak, sits happily behind a tall stack of chips, while CBS is ready to gamble with a comeback strategy. ABC, determined to recoup its losses, takes the biggest draw; Fox, wearing a poker face, holds onto most of its cards. And two eager newcomers, UPN and the WB,

are just getting into the game. Now comes the exciting

| part—when everybody has to show their cards. All the networks’ kings and queens, all their aces and jokers, are waiting to be turned

over on the following |

pages. The stakes | are high The

players are anxious. |

It's your call.

| Т


ne thing you'll notice about this season's comedy Kaen eee an awful lot of them say “Directed by James Burrows”: Dharma & Greg, George & Leo, Union Square, and Veronica's Closet (which stars Kirstie Alley, left). In addi- tion, no fewer than seven of the season's returning comedies first entered the world under Burrows's steady hand: Friends, 3rd Rock from. the Sun, Frasier, Caro- line in the City, NewsRadio, Men Behaving Badly, and Fired Up.


ә Э What is it about this guy that makes him so popular this time of year? “He works cheap,” jokes Kevin Bright of Bright/Kauff- man/Crane Productions, the folks behind Veronica and Friends. “A lot of people think it's talent, but really, he's very economical for a new show.”

But Bright's partners beg to differ: “He really

understands how writers think,” says David Î

Crane. “And how to spot a problem їп а sto- ry," adds Marta Kauffman. “The other thing about Jimmy,” says Bright, “is that he has the incredible ability to take a cast that has nev- er worked with each other before and make it seem like they've been together forever.”

_ Fred Barron of Barron/Pennette Produc- tions, producers of Union Square, sounds similar themes. “People talk about how good Jimmy is with actors, but he’s also one of the few directors who really takes stories and emotions seriously. Half the time when he s directing, his eyes are closed. He's lis- tening; hes following the relationships."

Sabrina), while їп The Visitor, an Air

| с SEVA


Ww: the success of shows like Touched

by an Angel, 3rd Rock from the Sun, and Sabrina, the Teenage Witch, feel- good fantasy is resurging on ascale not seen since the days when Jeannie and Samantha held America under their spells. Bronson Pinchot comes from outer space to raise single dad Ed Begley Jr.'s kids in Meego (think Mork the Nanny), while genie John Ales comes out of a 2,000-year-old rug

to raise singli

е mom Harley Jane Kozak's

kids in You Wish (think I Dream of Nan- my). In Teen Angel (pictured left), a class clown returns from the dead and uses his heavenly powers to help his best bud

through high school (think Touched by Force pilot returns from an alien abduction. and uses his strange powers to help his fellow man—and to battle the government paddies who are pursuing him (think Touched by the X-Files).

s a public servi

| denly turned heterosexual and joined a vid on UPN. And even though that does appear to

ice, we want to dispel any confusion the huge slate of new fall

hows may create. So please be advised that Ellen's gay friend Peter has not sud-

А leitmotif of the new season is the classic clash—i.e., sitcoms in which friction between antithetical personality types is designed to spark drollery, à la Oscar and Felix. Look for any title where the two lead characters’ names surround an amper- sand to form an ampersandwich: theres Dharma & Greg (Dharma is a hippie, Greg is a yuppie); and George & Leo (pictured left, Leo is a hoodlum, George, an uptight bookseller). Opting for the more formal andis Hüler and Diller (Diller's a neurotic divorcé, Hillers a happy family man). Overtly avoiding the ampersand issue altogether is Head Over Heels (about sibling strife) and Over the Top (dueling exes).

ео dating service; it just looks that way be Jamie Buchman's screw-loose sister,

Lisa, running around with a gun on CBS, Mad About You has not jumped networks to become a cop show called Mad About Blue. It's just an odd quirk ofthe 1997-98 season—actors appearing in both returning and new prime-time series simultaneously. In

other words: Yes, |



СВЕ ea

u are seeing double. Thus, w ur а to support fresh-out-of-the-closet Ellen Morgan on Ellen, his own character's sex- ual orientation is in question on the new Head Over Heels. And even as Anne Ramsay goes into her sixth Mad season as loopy Lisashesa . streetwise sidekick to Danny Мейоз tough pri- vate eye, Dellaventura. On Frasier, Harriet San- som Harris has a recurring role as a talent agent; on the new Union Square, she plays а real es- tate agent. Abraham Benrubi (below) will stil be working long shifts as Jerry on ER, but he 1i ] .————————————7, 83 awake | long enough | to play dream- research tech- nician Vince Konefke on Sleepwalkers. Doesn't it 4 get confusing playing two roles at once? Not according to Benrubi. “They're very different people,” he explains. “Jerry is more of a Taoist and deals with problems as they arise, | whereas Vince is more ofa face-it-head-on kind of | | guy.” But Benrubi's not the only moonlighter from ER: Lisa Nicole Carson, who plays | | Eriq La Salle's ex-girlfriend, will also be a friend to the title character on Ally McBeal, | and Yvette Freeman, who assists at operations as a nurse, will manage officeopera- | tions on Working. Finally, Wallace Langham, who portrays The Larry Sanders Show's embittered | writer Phil, doubles on Veron ica’s Closet as a guy who can't quite seem to find his | way out of the closet. Come to think of it, Langham also guest-starred on ER last season. Maybe there should be a parlor game in which the object is to relate all the | new series to ER. You can call it “Six Degrees of Operations.”

rimefighters come in clumps thisseason—or, to employ

network-ese, in “handpicked teams of elite professionals." - Whatever you call them, there are a lot of em: a flock of feds _ (C-16); a cluster of cops (Brooklyn South); a brace of body- re guards (Total Security); a covey of converted crooks (Players); | a troupe of true-blue time-travelers (Timecop); and an assort- ment of assistants to a private detective (Dellaventura, right).


1 el Security ПеРәсісе Early Edition Walker, Texas Ranger Sieepwalkors Profiler ‘America’s Most Wanted local

Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman The Pretender Cops Cops

BS has long dominated this night with its slate of heartland dramas, But last season, the network's cornerstone for the evening, Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman, showed the begin- ning of a ratings decline—partially due to NBC's heavily promoted "thrillogy" lineup (Dark Skies, The Pretender, and Profiler). This year, NBC soups up its triple threat by replacing Dark Skies with | | thespooky Sleepwalkers—and that could mean some sleepless || nights for CBS executives as they wait forthe overnight ratings... | | When ABC scheduled its critically acclaimed drama The Practice | for 10 PM., creator David E. Kelley threatened to walk off the show.

| unceremoniously plunked into ABC's 9 PM. slot. Though both men | | have since publicly calmed down, they are still keenly aware that

| even the worthiest of ABC dramas—take last season's Relativity, for example—rarely survive on Saturdays.

Steven Bochco was also enraged when his series Total Security was |

9-10 PM. NBC

STARS: Jeffrey D. Sams, Naomi Watts, Kathrin Nicholson, Bruce Greenwood, Abraham Benrubi (opposite)

PREMISE: "Welcome to My Nightmare." Sleepwalkers’ intrepid dream researchers hook themselves up to ill or troubled clients. Then everybody goes to sleep, but nobody gets any rest. As they literally explore the world of dreams, the scientists find them- selves in situations that range from sensuous to perilous.

THEY SAY: “We've been calling it a cross between The X-Files and ER,” says creator and executive producer David S. Goyer, who used his own nightmares for some of Sleepwalkers' spookier sequences. "What we're attempting is to graft the science-fiction world onto real human drama. It's the shrink as detective."

WE say: Combining pop psychology and pure hokum, Sleep- walkers achieves a cool, сагару credibility. Sure, the world these medical detectives are exploring is strange—it's some- body's subconscious. Greenwood's Dr. Nathan Bradford is exactly the kind of mysterious, lovelorn guy you'd want running a dream-research institute. And the nightmare sequences are so convincing, you may haveto pinch youself. No, you're not having a bad dream yourself; you're just watching TV.



| 8-9 PM. ABC

STARS: Morris Chestnut, Eric Roberts (sitting), Christine Tucci, D.B. Sweeney, Zach Grenier, Angie Harmon (standing) PREMISE: This isn't your father's FBI! The members of a newly formed criminal investigative unit (led by a long-haired, bearded Roberts) are high tech, very

| appealing, and can fit in almost anywhere. THEY SAY: “We were fascinated by these

| people who function as ghosts out in the | world,” says executive producer Michael

M Robin (NYPD Blue), who, with co- executive producer Michael Duggan (Earth 2), spent months interviewing real FBI agents about their lives and cases. "The younger agents didn't fit our precon- ception,” says Duggan. “These are not stiff guys in gray suits. They re ordinary people doing extraordinary things in their jobs.” WE SAY: The cryptic title isn’t this promis ing show's only obstacle—the family- friendly time slot is a crime and may

put C-16 under deep cover with seri- ous, adult viewers. To establish the characters more clearly, the hourlong pilot is being expanded to two parts.


34W T Co.

at 0.7 mg. nicotine ne by FIC method.

SURGEON GENERAL'S WARNING: Smoking By Pregnant Women May Result in Fetal Injury, Premature Birth, And Low Birth Weight.

| 9—10 P.M. ABC

| STARS: ВШ Brochtrup, Flex, Tony Plana, James Remar, Tracey

| Needham, James Belushi, Debrah

| Farentino, Kristin Bauer (above) PREMISE: A serious, understated

| former cop (Remar) who runs a

| private security firm reluctantly hires his loose-cannon pal (Belushi)

| to help him crack tough cases.

THEY SAY: “When I look at these two guys I secretly think about me and {executive consultant] David Milch,” says executive producer Steven Bochco (NYPD Blue). "He's a luna- | tic—but a genius—and he frees me in a way I wouldn't

otherwise be, and I exist for him as a governor, and the relationship allows us both to flourish. What I like most is that the show is not overly freighted with heavy-duty things. On Saturday night, when other shows are weigh- ty, we're going to be fresh and fun.”

WE SAY: Even the producers agree that the pilot vacillated too extreme- ly between Belushis over-the-top adventures and Remar's brooding detective work, and plans are in the works to narrow the range between comedy and drama. If they can do it successfully, this show may blossom into a rarity: a dramedy that works.





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Ilove what you do for me

The 1

60 Minutes Touched by an Angel. Men

Dateline NBC Behaving Jem

ин Б КАП

в always, Sunday is one of As week's most competitive ights. CBS is sticking to the mainstream with its succ! | 60 Minutes/Touched by an Angel formula; ABC is going after fami- lies with The Wonderful World of Disney; and Fox plans to keep its young audience captive with The Simpsons, King of the Hill, and The X-Files. All this leaves NBC in a hard place with no 3rd Rock. The network's popular alien comedy has moved to Wednesdays, and in its old place is the shaky Men Behaving Badly, which, after performing badly last season, is in the midst of a makeover. | worse, Badly is being packaged with Jenny McCarthy's comedy, Jenny, which so far shows | no signs of living up to its hype.

9:30-10 P.M. WB

STARS: Stacy Galina, Amy Yas- beck, Carol Leifer (right), Maury Sterling, Mitzi McCall, Jerry Adler

PREMISE: A single woman in her

NBC Sunday Night at the Movies

пеха 1 Alright

= з à RU Ul happi The Tom ıi Nick Freno терә The EY Ever ш Show Already



T WES » arih BE ij

заса ee aes uh Ang palanre between the terminally hip adult children and their parents.” Leifer, WESAY: Many have tried to duplicate Sein- parents being among the latter—in who was the inspiration for the Elaine _feld’s sublime humor, but Leifer comes

South Florida.

character on Seinfeld, acknowledges closest. In one episode, after a judge rules

THEY SAY "T have a lot of aunts and uncles wh uen her own creative debt to that series: against her parents for doing 23 mph їп а Florida,” says series creator and star Cn RA “The greatest thing about having worked 55-mph zone, Leifer's pes UNS writer on The Larry Sanders Show and Seinfeld. “А Ny on Seinfeld was that I came to appreciate “We'd like to speak to the manager.”

Icome back with so much material. I really am fascinated with

small ideas, because to me those are the judge replies: “Madam, this isn’t a funniest. But this is a sitcom with promise.



7-9 P.M. ABC

| STARS: Whitney Houston and Brandy in Cinderella, Richard Dreyfuss in Oliver Twist, Dean Jones in “The Love Bug"

| (above), and Kirstie Alley as the Tooth Fairy highlight some of the 16 made-for- TV movies scheduled this season.

| PREMISE: The family classic returns, with a computer-generated Tinkerbell and a | batch of new material. In its ninth in- in 43 years, the anthology will | feature Disney chief Michael Eisner as host and a 50/50 split of theatrical releases | (“Toy Story” leads off September 28, | followed by “Babe,” “A Little Princess,” and others) and original features, rang-

OF DISNEY ing from a Holocaust drama to a remake of “The Love Bug.”

THEY SAY: “We want this to be destination television, like Monday Night Football has been for 16 years,” says Disney Telefilms president Charles Hirschhorn, who's targeting baby-boomer parents. “A generation has turned, and the suc- cess of the rerelease of the ‘Star Wars’ movies shows that parents are eager to introduce their children to the TV they grew up with.”

WESAY: Disney on Sunday is a fine tradition, and the new films look extremely promising. Personally,

we can't wait for Brandy as Cinderella. and Richard Dreyfuss as Twist’s Fagin.

wo 7-8 P.M. FOX star: James Brown

PREMISE: A better blooper show, or at least another one, Funniest con- tinues the Fox franchise of outtake specials with moronic moments culled from international footage.

THEY SAY: “This is not the Kennedy Center Honors,” says producer Brad Lachman. "It's not intellectual humor. It’s just an hour of entertain- ment.” Lachman distinguishes Fun- niest from the highly successful America’s Funniest Home Videos: “We're less cartoonish. We're a classy, humorous clip show.”

WE SAY: Well, that depends on your definition of class. In the pilot, three people lost their pants, a dog played the ukelele, and a security guard tried to rob his own store— wearing his uniform. We laughed out loud at the last one, but wonder if, like Power Rangers and double lattés, bloopers are nearing the end of their natural life span. In the end, there appears to be nothing

to distinguish World's Funniest... from every other show based on video ridicule.

Еа 3 М | ~ | : DA O cyi ЕИ “FREE FERRARI WITH i 24 ORM EVERY VIDEO stans: Jenny McCarthy, | :

erum PURCHASED!*” ton, Rafer Weigel, Dale

Godboldo t *SORRY...HE'S LYING.

PREMISE: Siliconized Laverne & Shirley hit Hollywood. Two gal pals from upstate New York wind up living in a Hollywood Hills bache- lor pad, compliments of Jenny's late father (Ham- оп), a B-movie actor | who also leaves behind а series of campy videotaped messages.

THEY SAY: “What we | have here is a female buddy comedy, not a T & А show,” says ex- ecutive producer Mark | TM ONLY

Reisman (Wings).

“Jenny is a beautiful | 522? girl who would rather | be a goofball than a sex S.R.P.

| symbol," adds execu- C ees tive producer Howard

| Gewirtz (Wings). WE SAY: Ready or not, Playboy Playmate Jenny McCarthy comes to prime time. Hard to believe there was a bid- ding war for this other- wise unremarkable sitcom. NBC beat out ы s

| Foxand ABC—but | ; зэ mer a RE ч whos going to watch it , 2

DE териш EOS

is tie = ш

| nothinglikethesin- К „Мы 4 чиш жш B EE ШШЕ TEL “ТЫН

gular sensation we vr RGAE кїї G9 жь o EL E


| | | [| А \ | |

9-930 РМ. WB

| sans: Ed McMahon, Tom

Arnold (left), Tasha Smith,

| Michael Rosenbaum, Lisa

| (Arnold), producer of Ameri- |

Wilhoit, Mika Boorem, Shan- non Tweed, Shawnee Smith

PREMISE: Tom Amross

ca's top-rated talk show, loses his marriage and job when his wife (Tweed), who hosts the show, demands a

divorce on-air. Amross packs |

up his kids and returns to his Minnesota roots to produce alocal talk show for his old boss (McMahon).

| THEY SAY: “It’s about a guy

who has to start over in both his personal and his profes-

Î sional lives,” says series co-

3 | |

creator and star Tom Arnold. *Sometimes people mix the two, and it's big trouble.” Ar-

nold should know. His stormy |

marriage to Roseanne, who's preparing to launch her own talk show next fall, was the inspiration for The Tom Show. WE SAY: Arnold is still riding on Roseanne's coattails. First she engineered The Jackie Thomas Show to give him his big break on ABC. Then the couple's efforts to build their dream house inspired Tom on CBS. Now, the aftermath of their bust-up is represented by The Tom Show. We grew tired of the public sniping between Roseanne and Amold after their acrimo- nious split—we really

don't want to see a sitcom aboutit.

“Lifetime Guarantee?

What do you think this ts... GM Goodwrench Service Plus!?”

. Ifitwere, youd get a

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wer gmgocdwreschcom See dealer for details oflimited lifetime guarantee on select parts and labor. ©1997 GM Corp. All rights reserved.

Caroline in may focal Ally McBeal focal ТРА nto House Malcom Good News Sparks local

WB ThHaven Butty the Vampire Slayer “local

mts to make Monday ladies’ night with four back-to-back,

TE asd urban comedies. But liberating these women

from their previously protected time slots may precipitate their downfall. Fox also courts women on this night, matching up Melrose Place with newcomer Ally McBeal, though building buzz around Ally might be a challenge since itsup againstthe WB cult fave Buffy the Vampire Slayer. The question at CBS right now is whether Bill Cos- by’s tabloid troubles will translate into ratings trauma. Still, CBS will be formidable: Cosby has the right companion in Everybod: y Loves Raymond, and George & Leo is one of the better comedies in the season's new lineup. Steven Bochco's Brooklyn South has the potential to siphon fans from ABC's Monday Night Football—a fact that ABC is unhappily aware of. “If it's a runaway game at half- time,” says an ABC insider, “football fans will have somewhere to go. That wasn't the case when Chicago Hope was there.”

9-10 P.M. FOX STARS: Gil Bellows, Lisa Nicole Carson, Calista Flockhart, Jane Krakowski, Greg Germann (opposite), Courtney Thorne-Smith

PREMISE: A young, Harvard-trained lawyer (Flockhart) takes a job working for a money-hungry former classmate, only to discover that her ex-boyfriend (Bellows) is working for him, too.

THEY SAY: “Ally McBeal offers a rich view of the inside of a person,” Says executive producer Jeffrey Kramer. “We are inside her head, and we see her unique point of view about life as we follow her. She’s a complicated woman. The material is fun, and it captures the roller coaster we're all on.”

WE say: David E. Kelley (Picket Fences and Chicago Hi

à оре) has created another intelligent, incisive, and quirky em Mie over narration and fantasy sequences are given a fresh spin to capture the world through the eyes of a wistful but wry young woman, played with idiosyncratic charm Flockhart. Last- me changes to the pilot—like the addition of Mel TOSE

lace-veteran Courtney Thome-Smith as Bellows's brid

should add even more intrigue to the plot. га


| |

8—9 РМ. АВС

STARS: T. W. King (right), Kurt Fuller, Don Stark, Cristi Conaway

PREMISE: The year is 2007, and the secret science of time travel has fallen into the hands of evildoers intent on changing the course of history. Fortu- nately for humankind, the Jean-Claude Van Damme movie "Timecop" has spun off this TV series, which

stars a buff cop (King) and

his buddies as the Time Enforcement Commission, working to keep these quantum creeps in the here and now.

THEY SAY: "We took the

| science-fiction concept of time travel and turned it into a cop show,” says executive producer Bob Singer, whose credits in-

clude Midnight Caller and §

Lois & Clark. “We really would like it to be a good ride. It would be nice if we could get some of that Monday Night Foot- ball crowd.”

WE SAY: Timecop might be a natural for the football crowd, but without a pilot available at press time, who really knows if viewers are ready to face Armageddon on Monday nights? This my show may well have a happy future, but unlike its time-traveling hero, we just can't go there to find out what it is.

9—9:30 P.M. UPN

stars: Guy Torry, Tracey Cherelle Jones, David Ramsey, Roz Ryan, Alexia Robinson (above)

REMISE: An idealistic and eligible young pastor (Ramsey) takes over a parish in South Central Los Angeles, but his new

| approach to religion—from welcoming



gay members to distributing condoms— flies in the face of the conservative old guard before him.

THEY SAY: “For me, it’s a gospel show,” says Samm-Art Williams (Martin), who


coproduces the sitcom with creator Ed. Weinberger (Taxi, Amen). “If you put a serious spin on this kind of material, no- body listens. But some of the hypocrisy people show in the name of religion is what gives us our comedy.”

WE SAY: There are so many conflicting elements—gospel music, sexual

energy, Bible readings, physical shtick, social messages, street jive—that it shouldn't work. But somehow it all comes together in an appealing, if somewhat awkward, package. And hey, with

Billy Preston playing the organ anda choir full of great "70s funk singers, how can we complain?

stars: Bob Newhart and Judd Hirsch

PREMISE: “More Grumpier Old Men.”

Mismatched in-laws—one (Hirsch)

an ex-mobster, the other (Newhart)

a bookstore owner—go head-to-head

on Martha's Vineyard.

THEY SAY: “We wanted to put Bob ina

fresh situation—he's never actually done | abuddy comedy," says creator and

executive producer Dan Staley (Cheers). ‘Sure, we'll get compared to ‘The Odd Couple’ and ‘The In-Laws, but this is


really an old-fashioned comedy. It looks new again because all the sitcoms out there are about young people in offices."

WE SAY: Newhart is back after a four-year absence, and, unlike the misbegotten Bob, this lets Bob be Bob in all his button- down, dyspeptic glory. Hirsch actually has the trickier role, playing a likable kvetch, the flip side of his Taxi persona. As of this writing, the pilot was being Teshot to include a new cast member mue mud hopefully to up # -and-cuddly quotient. Buddy comedy or no, this is Newhart's Show, and tucked behind Cybill, this looks like a winner. i

Tune in to

| NBC's Refreshingly Funny Monday.

6. 1 d k 39 l «4 ) СЪ | Fired Up The Naked Truth 8:30/7:30рт 9:30/8:30PM



Suddenly Susan 8/7pm

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STARS: Klea Scott, Adam Rodriguez, Yancy Butler, Titus Welliver, Richard T. Jones, Dylan Walsh, Gary Basaraba, Jon Tenney, James B. Sikking, Patrick McGaw, Michael DeLuise (below) PREMISE: Flatfoots on Flatbush Avenue.

This drama offers an unflinching look at the beat cops of the 74th Precinct as they

try to police a tough and volatile Brook- lyn neighborhood under siege conditions.

THEY say: “It's like Hill Street Blues," says executive producer David Milch, “except that we know so much more now than we used to about the true urban-police experience. And they're working in a part of Brooklyn that has more cultures stacked on top of each other than any place I've ever been їп Ше world, except maybe Hong Kong. The show is about


their efforts to interact with and intercede in that chaotic and heterogeneous world.”

WESAY: Steven Bochco, who coproduces this series (as well as NYPD Blue) with Milch, has an impresarios knack for get- ting his shows noticed. This one won't get lost in the September clutter, either, thanks to a now notorious opening sequence in which a policeman suffers a grievous and graphic head wound. That shocking scene earned the debut of

Brooklyn South a TV-MA rating, the most stringent label ever attached to an episodic network program. The rest of the show suggests a far harsher version of Hill Street Blues (right down to com- poser Mike Post's self-cannibalizing theme music). The cast is impressive— no one is better than Bochco at making alarge ensemble click—but the pilot 5 grim mood, restless camera work, dense dialogue, and one-dimensionial portrait of cops were occasionally off-putting.

9 | take your eyes off that carewom face

nore interesting than the show. Robert Mor-

E sale ERE producer and the ex-boyfriend of embattled president of ABC Entertainment, Jamie uos б еп Tarses got the job, one of the first deals she cut was with then-beau Morton. Now that the two are no longer an item, there are some folks inside ABC who are laying odds that it will be the firstnew show to get a pink slip.... CBS has dropped its Tuesday movie for a trio of dramas, among them Michael Hayes, a comeback series for former NYPD Blue star David Caruso. If you're wondering why this very adult drama is playing at 9 PM. instead of 10, the word is that when NYPD Blue executive producer Steven Bochco released Caruso from his five-year contract, one of his stipulations was that the actor could not face off against his old squad mates.

À BC's new comedy Over the Top has a production pedigree <